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解决 CDBUS Bridge 小概率死机的问题

STM32G0 hardfault 死机解决方法

Jess & Duke Wedding






My pool maintenance tips


DIY silicone sex toy

This is also a very basic blender tutorial.

Auto-renew Let's Encrypt SSL certs

A longer and more accurate auto-renew time can be specified and displayed with a progress bar.

學習 Blender


DIY 電動動力滑翔傘

DIY 動力滑翔傘的過程

Power on/off key circuit

Two useful power on/off circuit

Gentoo painless upgrade

Tips for Gentoo Linux upgrade

DIY SMT machine - CDPnP

small and smart open source SMT machine for engineer

My first paragliding flight




My private infinity pool




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Sandbox 多開 百度網盤 實現增速

用 firejail 和 Linux 版本百度網盤 ...

PrinCube/MBrush FAQ


PrinCube/MBrush 打印机常见问题处理



PWA HTML5 加密測試工具

PrinCube-The World's Smallest Mobile Color Printer

Palm-size and lightweight, enables color printing anywhere & anytime and on any surface by 3 steps.

IPFS 星际文件存储,可架去中心化网站,貌似不错

网站去中心化有很多好处,避免 ddos 攻击,避免服务器宕机,避免审查 ...

推荐 2 款开源聊天软件 Jami, Matrix (Element)

一款无服务器(类似 BT 磁力链接),另一款分布式(类似 Email),两款都是端到端加密。

Fix Lenovo SD Card Reader

Solve RTS5129 driver error: mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card

DIY small pcb test fixture

A small test fixture for CDPGA-H3.

Solder half holes PCB with pin headers

A tips about soldering.

CDIPC 實時進程間通訊庫

A Real-time Inter-Process Communication (IPC) mechanism and library

Duke 老旧作品展


Crystal Input to FPGA

Use FPGA gates to build an oscillator from a crystal.

A USB keyboard sniffer

Send keyboard data through BLE.

RS485 Auto Addressing

A very simple and convenient way for RS485 auto addressing.

RS485 软件流控 及 数据完整性确保

一种非常简单方便的 RS485 软件流控 及 数据完整性确保 的方法。

RS485 地址自动分配

一种非常简单方便的 RS485 地址自动分配的方法。

My new hairstyle


A good online book for deep learning

Recommend a book on machine learning.

CDBUS makes RS485 automatically avoid conflicts

CDBUS is a protocol for Asynchronous Serial Communication. When used with RS485: it introduces an arbitration mechanism that automatically avoids conflicts like the CAN bus.

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