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CDIPC 實時進程間通訊庫

A Real-time Inter-Process Communication (IPC) mechanism and library

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Crystal Input to FPGA

Use FPGA gates to build an oscillator from a crystal.

A USB keyboard sniffer

Send keyboard data through BLE.

RS485 Auto Addressing

A very simple and convenient way for RS485 auto addressing.

RS485 软件流控 及 数据完整性确保

一种非常简单方便的 RS485 软件流控 及 数据完整性确保 的方法。

RS485 地址自动分配

一种非常简单方便的 RS485 地址自动分配的方法。

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A good online book for deep learning

Recommend a book on machine learning.

CDBUS makes RS485 automatically avoid conflicts

CDBUS is a protocol for Asynchronous Serial Communication. When used with RS485: it introduces an arbitration mechanism that automatically avoids conflicts like the CAN bus.

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